Yeoser's Beach Resort

Our natural surroundings are filled with peace and quiet

We provide a private pool, and spa room with Thai massages and aromatherapy

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...people find their pleasures in different ways. A relaxing dip in the pool for some, a day languishing on a sandy beach listening to the sound of the waves for others. Maybe a quiet stroll along a deserted beach at sunrise, or holding hands with a loved one and enjoying a cocktail at sunset.

Along with all of this, we can also offer a range of therapeutic and relaxing treatments in our spa room including oil massage and aromatherapy, Thai massage, foot massage, manicures and pedicures.

There are places of interest near to our resort, and more details are on our locations page. But we do find most of our guests enjoy just relaxing, and appreciating a quiet time for a while.

When peace and quiet is all around, all you need to do is listen...

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